Hi, I'm Scott Griffy.

I graduated from Portland State University with a Master's in Computer Science in June 2019.
I got my Bachelor's in Computer Science from Oregon State University.
I'm starting a job at Intel working as a Security Engineer
I co-authored a paper on searchable encryption that appeared at DSN 2019, titled: The Strength of Weak Randomization: Easily Deployable, Efficiently Searchable Encryption with Minimal Leakage with: David Pouliot and Charles V. Wright at Portland State University
My Master's thesis was on a concrete scheme for exceptional access. It is titled: Crumpled and Abraded Encryption: Implementation and Provably Secure Construction. Advisor: Charles V. Wright.
I also make Android games and apps such as an unofficial mobile app for a resource management company.
Here's some links to writeups I've done on practical computer security:
Reverse shell in shellcode.
Using fuzzing to find bugs.

scottgariffaya@gmaail.acom - resume